Coffee Machine Rental

Coffee Machine Rental saves money and stress

Coffee Machine Rental

Café Rico Coffee Machine rentals offers a wide variety of traditional, bean to cup, Pod Machines and and instant Coffee Machines and when you rent one of our coffee machines, you get a lot more than great tasting coffee and the latest coffee machines.

If you own a Cafe or Restaurant, you understand the expense of running and operating your business. From purchasing and maintaining equipment to always making sure inventory is stocked on the shelves and ready for an increase in customers, it can add up really quick.

So if you are looking for a way to save money and cut costs where you can, one of the things you can do is to use a coffee machine rental service. There are many different rentals options available to help your business and we offer a range of leasing option from Espresso machine rental to bean to cup coffee machine rental.

  • No large initial outlay
  • Machine Repairs included
  • Descaling, Pressure Tests and servicing included
  • Free Coffee Machine Training
  • Rental for as little as 2 cups of coffee a day

We have our own team of engineers on hand to install and service your machine plus if anything goes wrong we will fix it, allowing you to have peace of mind and a service that is second to none.

When you first get your machine you will receive Free Coffee Machine Training in how to use and clean it correctly, providing you with confidence.

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