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A World of Coffee

A World of Coffee

Premium Coffees Exclusive to Cafe Rico

Buddah's Cup

Buddha's Cup is truly special.

Did you know? to be called 'Kona Coffee' it only has to contain 8% Kona beans! Buddha's Cup however contains 100% Kona and is imported and distributed in the UK only Cafe Rico.

This Coffee has is a sweet and multidimensional brew.

MK Cafe

MK Cafe is a favorite Coffee Brand in Poland. Cafe Rico is the only direct importer of MK Cafe Coffee in the UK.

MK Cafe is a high quality blend of South American coffee beans carefully selected from the  best species that is 100% natural with a delicate and subtle taste.

Coffee Machine Rental

Café Rico offers a wide variety of traditional, bean to cup, pod and instant coffee machines for rental. Our coffee machine rental service is an all encompassing package, much more than great tasting coffee and the latest coffee machine.

If you own a Cafe or Restaurant, you understand the expense of running and operating your business. From purchasing and maintaining equipment to always making sure inventory is stocked on the shelves and ready for an increase in customers, it can add up really quick. Let us take care of this for you, we will get you up and running and making profit on coffee sales with minimal initial outlay.