Free Lavazza Coffee Machine

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Free Lavazza Coffee Machine

Limited Time Offer: Get a FREE Lavazza Compact Coffee Machine including an Electric Milk Frother Jug and 6 Ceramic Cups & Saucers.

Perfect for small shops and offices. i.e., complimentary drinks for customers/staff or just drink them yourself! You could even sell them for £1 +/- per cup and make a tidy profit?! 

How do I get it?

All you have to do is sign up to receive 1 box of 100 coffee pods for use in the machine per month for 12 months (£32.99 per month). Decaff option also available. That's just 3 cups of coffee per day.

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Lavazza Classy Compact Capsule Coffee Machine is a modern and technological coffee machine for the office which offers all the range and the quality of the bar with an exclusive and compact design. Lavazza Classy Compact Capsule Coffee Machine works with Lavazza Blue capsules only.


  • Bluetooth
  • 0.9 Litre Water Tank
  • Capsule Drawer for up to 9 Capsules
  • 2 Adjustable Cup Heights
  • Standby Eco Mode

Coffee Machine Coffee Machine

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