Doi Chaang Coffee - product spotlight

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Doi Chaang Coffee - product spotlight

Doi Chaang Coffee - what is it?

Doi Chaang Coffee is a top-of-the-range speciality, single origin, high quality, Organic Arabica coffee - it is the Premium Coffee in any Range - with a flavour that is something to behold. Cafe Rico stock four Doi Chaang Coffees: Doi Chaang Espresso Supreme Coffee, Doi Chaang Premium Classic Coffee, Doi Chaang Organic Signature Coffee and Doi Chaang Peaberry Classic Coffee. We also stock two Nespresso Compatible Capsules: Doi Chaang Espresso Supreme Nespresso Compatible Capsules and Doi Chaang Peaberry Classic 10 Nespresso Compatible Capsules.


What does Doi Chaang Coffee taste like?

As you'd expect with a speciality Coffee of this stature, you need to taste it to believe it! the Coffee is unlike any other with a delicately rich taste and crispy sweet-tones. It flavour is Orange-like citrus, dark chocolatey, with a spicy hint in aroma and cup. It has a Balanced acidity with a slightly syrupy feel on the tongue which fades into a rich, mild finish.


Who should drink Doi Chaang Coffee?

A Coffee Lover who is looking for a new taste experience or is looking to impress a friend or family member with a fresh Coffee experience .


Why buy Doi Chaang Coffee?

Doi Chaang Coffee is "Beyond Fairtrade" and is the most renowned international certification trademark in the world, devised to help the developing countries' most disadvantaged producers Doi Chaang Coffee is Organically grown. You will not have tasted a Coffee quite like it - add it to your bucket list.


About Doi Chaang Coffee

Doi Chaang Coffee is a speciality, single origin, high quality Arabica coffee. Doi Chaang Coffee is only grown and produced in Baan Doi Chang, Wawee district, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai and is synonymous with high quality coffee both in Thailand and globally. With a strong and hard working cooperation with Doi Chaang farming group, every single step in the production process is undertaken with meticulous care from planting to roasting and distribution to the entire Doi Chaang Coffee network.


What is Peaberry Coffee?

Doi Chaang is available as a Peaberry Blend, arguably the most flavoursome of the Doi Chaang range. Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two beans that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilised, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. Peaberry beans are widely reputed to roast better than flat berries, being said to roast more evenly, because their rounder shape minimises sharp edges and allows the berries to roll about the roasting chamber more.

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