Free Coffee Training and a Machine specific Maintenance overview

Make the most of your Quiet Time with Free Coffee Training and a Machine specific Maintenance overview.

Cafe Rico Coffee Training and Machine Maintenance

To make the perfect Coffee, you can't just rely on a state-of-the-art machine and the finest beans. In order to consistently create excellent Lattes, Cappuccinos and Macchiatos you’ll need knowledge, skill and passion for the art of Espresso. That’s where we come in with our in-house Barista training.

We will teach everything you need to know about pouring a great Espresso, including:

  • How to perfectly pour the 6 main Coffee Styles
  • How to adjust your coffee grinder.
  • The importance of the freshness of the beans.
  • Basic adjustment of an espresso machine, including dose and timings.
  • How to correct for under and over extraction of an espresso shot.
  • How to steam and pour milk.
  • How to clean and care for your espresso machine.

Simply put, a barista is a person who serves espresso-based drinks in a coffee establishment using a commercial espresso machine. Good espresso making is essential to a barista's role, and so training and practice will help you prepare the best possible espresso.