Coffee Pod and Capsule Recycling Pledge

Whether Nespresso or Lavazza BLUE, dispose of your used Pods ethically

Coffee Pods Capsules Recycling

Until the likes of Nespresso and Lavazza jump on the ethical bandwagon and start using Eco-friendly Coffee Capsules then we are stuck with in an ethical dilemma - Coffee Pods or Not Coffee Pods?

While the Coffee Industry has a fairly good track record of introducing sustainable initiatives, there are a growing number of people who will not buy a Coffee Pod Machine because of a lack of sustainability of the actual Capsules.

Last year, independent consumer group 'Choice' reported that Nespresso had sold an estimated 28 billion capsules worldwide, about 28 million kilograms of aluminium, much of which may be sitting in landfill. Add to this the various plastic Pods that are increasingly becoming available and it is clear that there is an ECO headache on its way

That's why Cafe Rico Ltd have implemented a Coffee Pod and Capsule Recycling Pledge. Where appropriate, we will return all Coffee Pods to the manufacturer for recycling, and where this isn't possible we will store the pods and make sure they are delivered to the correct place.

Coffee Capsules and Pods, tell us much about the future intersection of environmentalism and consumerism. Western consumers are generally supportive of the environment – so long as they don’t have to do anything about it. Multinationals everywhere are wise to this, of course, and have created a phenomenon known to cynical greenies and academics as “greenwashing” - that is to say making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company practice.

This all paints a less than rosy picture for the future, in which more businesses help create, rather than solve, environmental problems. One thing, however, is predictable. For innovators who can blend branding and convenience while ignoring all else, the future seems assured and in the meantime, Cafe Rico Ltd aim to make the transition to sustainability a little smoother.

What next?

All you need to do is return your used Coffee Pods/Capsules to the address below and we will do the rest.

Cafe Rico Ltd
Coffee Pod Recycling
Archard House
Waverley Road