NEW Colombian Single Origin Nespresso Pods

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NEW Colombian Single Origin Nespresso Pods



NEW Colombian Single Origin Nespresso pods

Colombian Coffee is one of the coffee lovers favourites as it produces sweeter cups of coffee with complex aromas with smooth, rich textures.

Made with Arabica beans our NEW Colombian Single Origin Nespresso pods has a faint aroma of apple and blackberry flavours creating a rich nutty but bright, fresh sweet taste all the way through.

Colombian coffee is considered to be superior to other more robust coffee, which can often give off a bolder, denser, and less refined taste.

The Colombian Coffee season.

Colombian coffee is harvested twice a year compared to other beans that are only harvested once a year making it an all year round fresh coffee. This twice a year harvest is due to Colombia’s proximity to the equator, but why?

What makes Colombia perfect for coffee growing?

Altitude can give Coffee it’s Attitude…

Colombian coffee grows mainly in the Coffee Belt known as Zona Cafetera that includes the regions of Medellin, Cali, and Bogota. The mountainous terrains of these regions have altitudes of 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level, making it considered to be one of the best coffee-growing locations in the world.

Positioned close to the equator the coffee belt regions enjoy a minimum of 200 cm of rainfall every year and have spring-like temperature from 8 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Colombian coffee grown in these regions, tend to be richer, higher-quality coffee that are fruitier and berry flavoured.

Good Soil, Good Coffee…

Soil is one of the most important factors in deciding how good a coffee is.

Colombia is rich in nutrient packed volcanic soil making it one of the best soils for coffee growth.

Harvesting Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is handpicked by 600,000 seasoned coffee-pickers who cherry pick the finest beans by hand during the harvesting process to create the perfect Colombian Coffee.

Coffee picking is an art, knowing the difference between ripe, unripe and over ripe beans is essential to creating the perfect coffee.

Colombian Coffee Farms

Colombian coffee farmers nurture their beans on small family-owned farms of no more than 12 acres in size. These farms are often on sloped ground surrounded with trees and banana plants that offer much needed shade to prevent the beans from being sun burnt.

The Perfect combination for the Perfect Coffee

All these factors in harmony are why Colombia supply 15% of the worlds coffee and why Café Rico believe it’s the perfect blend for our NEW Colombian Single Origin Nespresso pods

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